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At GI Alliance, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing gastroenterological care through a patient-centric approach. Our commitment to patient well-being and physician empowerment drives everything we do. Our clinical team, backed by robust operational support, is united in delivering unparalleled care and shaping the future of gastrointestinal medicine.

Who is GI Alliance?

At GI Alliance, prioritizing our patients is paramount. We are dedicated to delivering the utmost quality of care and ensuring an unparalleled patient experience across our nationwide practice at every juncture. Each provider within GI Alliance has access to an extensive array of gastro-related skills, knowledge, treatment protocols, clinical trials, and advanced GI research repositories in the United States. This wealth of resources culminates in patient outcomes that consistently outshine all others.

Patients First

At GI Alliance, patient well-being is paramount. Every decision concerning our practice is carefully evaluated to ensure it positively impacts patient well-being. We continuously strive to raise the bar and redefine industry standards of excellence for the benefit of our patients.


Our practice is led by physicians, embodying one of our core tenets: physician leadership. Through our Physician Executive Committee, Regional Clinical Governance Boards, and Local Head Physician leadership, we maintain a steadfast commitment to being physician-led, now and in the future.

A Proven
Business Model

Our innovative business model empowers physicians to prioritize patient care above all else. With comprehensive administrative support from our national MSO, physicians can devote their full attention to delivering exceptional care, ensuring that patients always come first.

Focus on

At GI Alliance, outcomes matter. Our position as a leader in the gastrointestinal industry is a testament to the value we create for our physician-owners. As more top-tier physicians join our practice, they recognize the significant impact our outcomes have on their success and financial well-being, ensuring that our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

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Compensation Structure Aimed at Sustained Growth and Ownership Opportunities

Our approach to physician compensation in the GI field is tailored to foster long-term development and stakeholder ownership.

Employment model offering a competitive salary for physicians

Opportunity to become a senior physician partner
within 2 years, including ownership stakes in GI Alliance

Senior physicians benefit from shared earnings from ancillary services

GI ALLIANCE Ancillary Services

Professional Services

Tailored professional care for optimal GI patient outcomes.

Chronic Care Management

Comprehensive programs supporting long-term GI condition management.

Specialty/Retail Treatment

Specialized care and retail services for patient convenience.

GI Centers of Excellence

Recognized hubs for high-quality GI care and innovation.

Anesthesia Services

Expert anesthesia ensuring patient comfort during procedures.

Radiology Services

Advanced radiology aiding in GI disorder diagnosis and management.

GI Surgical Services

State-of-the-art surgical interventions for complex conditions.

Infusion Therapy

Personalized infusion options for specialized GI treatments.

Clinical Research

Active participation in research to advance GI care.

Pathology Services

Timely pathology support for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Empowering Clinical Independence
with Robust Operational Support

Our sophisticated operational support system enables physicians to dedicate themselves fully to delivering high-quality patient care, all while upholding their clinical independence. Beyond just operational efficiency, our doctors often experience an improvement in insurance contracts, thanks to GI Alliance’s extensive network and ability to secure favorable statewide agreements on their behalf.

GI Alliance is committed to providing unmatched support to our partner physicians, allowing them to prioritize the most important aspect of their work – enhancing patient outcomes. Our collaborative partnership model and compensation strategy ensure that the majority of economic benefits are passed directly to the physicians. We’ve structured our partnership track to recognize and incentivize the contributions of outstanding physicians.

One Practice. One Vision. GI Alliance.

At the core of our business is quality patient care. Every GI Alliance physician, provider, and staff member is committed to ensuring a positive experience throughout our patient’s healthcare journey at every touchpoint. To do this requires both clinical and operational excellence.

As an industry-leading, majority physician-owned and physician-led organization, we seek to partner with best-in-class physicians and practices to continually enhance and strengthen the GI Alliance practice. We recognize that every practice brings a unique value proposition. 

Through aligned values, committed collaboration, and true partnership with exceptional practices, GI Alliance continues to:
Enable physicians more time to focus on quality patient care
Provide exceptional operational support to our partner GI practices Influence progress and positive changes throughout our industry

GI ALLIANCE Physician/Practice Support

Navigating Regulatory Compliance
Ensure legal standards compliance and navigate government mandates effectively for practice success.

Compliance & Legal

Government Mandates (MIPS/MACRA)

Optimizing Technological Infrastructure
Enhance practice efficiency and performance with robust IT systems and analytics support.

IT System
& Support Data

Management & Analytics

Building a Strong Workforce
Support team and streamline operations with comprehensive HR services and credentialing assistance.

Human Resources / Staffing


Strategic Growth Initiatives
Drive practice expansion through targeted marketing and patient growth strategy development.

Marketing Patient

Growth Strategy

Maximizing Financial Health
Ensure financial stability and growth with expert revenue cycle management and financial analysis.

Revenue Cycle Management

 Financial Analysis

Efficient Procurement Practices
Secure cost-effective solutions and streamline vendor relationships with effective purchasing and contract negotiations.


Contract Negotiations

Guidance from Industry Experts
Benefit from seasoned leadership and ancillary service enhancements for practice success.

Experienced Senior Leadership

 Ancillary Enhancements

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